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Tuesday Evening

“The Need of Today” – Rev. Mark Mowery

Wednesday Morning

“Upper Room Lessons on Relationships” – Rev. Mark Mowery

Wednesday Evening

“Being a Dangerous Church” – Rev. Joe Trussell

Thursday Morning

“That You May Be Active in Sharing Your Faith” – Rev. Joe Trussell

Thursday Evening

“What Kind of Church Building Are We Going to Be?” – Rev. Mark Mowery

Friday Morning

World Missions Service

Friday Afternoon

Home Missions Service

Friday Evening

Missions Rally Service – Rev. Joe Trussell

Saturday Morning

“A Prayer for Unity in the Body of Christ” – Rev. Joe Truss

Saturday Evening

“The Doubles of the Bible” – Rev. Mark Mowery

Sunday Morning

“God’s Amazing and Abundant Love” – Rev. Mark Mowery

Sunday Afternoon

Kansas Christian College Service

Sunday Evening

“Dealing with Discouragement” – Rev. Joe Trussel